DIY Donut Bun Maker Transformation (That Won’t Pull Out Natural Hair) [Video]

diy donut bun maker that won't pull out natural hair

My all-time hairstyle for my natural hair right now is the bun. With natural hair, my priority is spending as little time as possible with it and a bun is perfect for this. I used to use a sock to help make my bun, but tying it was a problem: I would end up pulling out some of my hair. So I saw this bun maker on one of my shopping trips, and when I got home I realised that I didn’t want it anywhere near my hair. The many holes in the coils are a recipe for disaster with natural hair. I’m sure my hair would hook in those holes and I was not about to try it out to find out the hard way! So my industrious side came out and I came up with this DIY donut bun maker transformation.

diy bun maker transformation
Can you believe that this is now 4 months since I stopped combing my hair?

This is the Conair bun maker [Link] that I transformed in the video.

It’s pretty easy to do too, I show how in the YouTube video below. I hope you enjoy!

Some other bun makers:

Talk to you soon!
Pet from Mintosee

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