Mint Quilted Nails TUTORIAL Inspired by Ottoman (Video)

mint quilted nails

I have been practicing quilted nails ever since I started in Jan 2016 with a piece of string! I’ve now almost perfected this technique and now I want to share with you a video tutorial of how I did these mint quilted nails because… MINTosee! These mint quilted nails are inspired by my Safavieh round storage ottoman, that I don’t always love. 🙁 Anyways, the video tutorial is on my YouTube channel (subscribe!) and embedded below. As usual, I link the nail polishes, tools, and anything else that can be linked in this post.

mint quilted nails on ottoman

The video:


These are the nail polishes that I used to get these mint quilted nails (in order of use):

Maybelline Mint Mist
If you have a one coat mint nail polish, use it! It will seriously cut down on this manicure’s time.

revlon buttercup

This is the matte top coat that I used. A matte top coat is the most important thing for quilted nails. Using about three thick coats allowed me to create the dented lines in the polish.

Sally Hansen Mint Tint


This is my set of dotting tools:


Colored toothpicks:


These are the flossers that I used:

The nail wheels that I use:

This is the round storage ottoman that I have that inspired these mint quilted nails:
Safavieh Hudson Collection Irwin Round Storage Ottoman, Robin’s Egg Blue

This is the white fluffy mat that was on top of it in the video:

My outfit in the video:


And now, of course, I’m sharing some cute quilted fashion and mint accessories.

I hope you like this mint and yellow nail art design!

mint quilted nails

Talk to you soon,
Pet from Mintosee

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