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Like many kids, I had a stuffed animal when I was a girl. But no, it wasn’t a teddy bear, it was a dog – a fluffy dog I named “Fluffy”. That’s also not my teddy bear in the featured image, that’s my LUV Betsey by Betsey Johnson Bear Cosmetic Bag. I’ve been thinking about doing a bear nail art for a while now, but I wanted it to remind me of what makes a teddy bear a teddy bear – the fluffy texture. So I put my textured nail polish to use by doing this textured bear nail art. I’ve see nail artists use flocking powder for texture, but I thought that a textured polish could give give the bear a similar look of fluffiness. It’s also the perfect time too because National Teddy Bear Day is September 9th. And what’s more girly than pink? This nail art of the day is a textured pink bear nail art.

These are the nail polishes and tools I used:

nail polishes dotting tools nail art brushes

Nicole by OPI Rock the Look

Sinful Colors Snow Me White [Link]

Wet n’ wild Black Creme [Link]

Wet n’ Wild Lavender Creme [Link]

The striping brush and smallest brush in this Winstonia Nail Art Brush Set {Link}

The largest and second largest dotting tools in this set [Link]


I started with two coats of Nicole by OPI Rock the Look on every finger except my middle finger, and two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White [Link] on my middle finger:

nicole by opi rock the look sinful colors snow me white

To do the cute textured pink bear on the finger with the white nail polish, I started with a half circle shape for the bear head using the textured pink nail polish:

textured bear nail art detail finger

I never remember to take step by step pictures once I really start doing the details because I’m always concentrating on moving quickly so the polish doesn’t dry.

I did the ears with the small Winstonia brush, the eyes with the second largest dotting tool and black nail polish, the nose with the largest dotting tool and the smallest Winstonia brush and the smile line with the Winstonia striping brush.

This is the final result of my textured bear nail art:

textured bear nail art

As simple as this was, this textured bear nail art is my favourite nail art I did so far.



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Talk to you soon!
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