Snowy Polar Bear Nail Art


I know, I know. a snow themed nail art so early? Well, somewhere on earth there is a polar bear in snow. So, why not? This nail art of the day is polar bear nail art. Kai suggested that I do this one a while ago.

I started as usual with my Kleancolor base Coat [link].
I see the ladies do this on YouTube all the time: put on a base colour before doing a sponge on gradient. So, I put on 2 coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme [link]. It didn’t have to be completely opaque because I am covering it with a blue gradient, so I left it a bit streaky. This is the swatch of Wet n Wild French White Creme with my holding my small decor letter P [link].


For the background, I wanted a nice blue sky, but since the sky is sometimes 50 shades of blue on any given day, I decided to do a gradient of blue nail polishes. I used:

Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint [link]

Wet in Wild Putting on Airs [link]

UShine Ice Cream nail Polish blue (15)

Maybelline Poolside [link]
I painted the nail art sponge below [link] with the four blue nail polishes in the order listed above from darkest to lightest blue.



This is how the blue four colour gradient looked.


This was my first time doing a sponge gradient and I wasted two whole nail art sponges before I realised that my nails were short enough for me to put the blue nail polishes on the bottom square part of the sponge. Don’t do like me. 🙂

The main details were done one time:

I put on one coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat [link] on my middle finger where I wanted to put the polar bear, so that if I made any mistakes, I could easily use water to remove the white acrylic paint [link] (which I used to make the rough shape of the polar bear’s head). I painted over the rough polar bear head with Wet n Wild French White Creme [link] and used the largest dotting tool [link] to make the piles of snow and the smallest to make the snow falling. The nose, eyes and ear details of the polar bear were done with my largest dotting tool, Wet n Wild Black Creme [link] and smallest Winstonia brush [link].


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I did buy the makeup bag and like one commenter suggested, I got the LUV BETSEY by Betsey Johnson Bear Cosmetic Bag.

Here is mine on my Safavieh Ottoman [link]. It holds a lot. I will do an updated “What’s in my makeup bag” later.



I hope you liked this polar bear nail art.


Talk to you soon!

Pet from Mintosee

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