Love Inspired & Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s that time of the year when couples go all goo-goo eyes for each other:



…or maybe that’s all year. Whatever the case, Valentine’s Day is coming faster than The Flash/ Supergirl crossover. So, what’s the usual for this Day?: A surprise delivery of flowers? A gift in the form of a non-breathing = non-threatening brown bear? A gift in the form of a sugar rush inducing box of chocolates? As long as the chocolates contain nuts… If I bite into a chocolate and discover there are no nuts to give texture, I feel like I pulled an empty wrapper out of the lucky dip. Ah, well! If you like to be unique and deviate from the norm sometimes, here are some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas – for her – that can be thought of as love inspired or, are heart shaped. And, it’s the thought that counts, right?

First, here is an Emoji pillow that is similar to the Emoji Clutch above.

You can click it to shop.


For me, any amount of light at night is, well, disturbing is an understatement. Eye masks are normally used to help you to get a more restful sleep.

You can click this heart inspired eye mask to shop.

Perfect Panda Eye Mask WHITERED – $5.00

from:, Inc.


Cute heels with “love” near the toe are perfect to wear out at night to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


You can click these jeans heels to shop:

Love Wins Denim Pumps BLUE – $19.44

from:, Inc.


Perfume is another usual choice for Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Why not go unique? This Revlon perfume could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift since it is both heart shaped, red and says that love is on! Perfect to slather in to wear out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

You can click this to shop:



I started searching for velvet hangers a few years ago when I finally got annoyed of hanging up my dresses only to later find my wardrobe looking like this:

Why are my dresses down there????

Clothes stay on velvet hangers better because the velvet material is non-slip and allows the clothes to hold on easily:

Ahhh, that’s better! My closet is more organized with these non-slip velvet hangers.

Velvet hangers also just look so… classy. They also save you having to bunch the dresses through the traditional hanger hooks at the top and underneath. You can shop the velvet hangers like mine here.

Do you use velvet hangers?

Velvet hangers with the heart shape in the center could make great Valentine’s Day gift ideas because, well, heart shape and love are like the same thing 🙂 and it would be useful to gift with a dress to wear on Valentine’s Day. I love how the hanger hook is right in the center of the heart:

You can shop these velvet hangers by clicking the image.



Heart shaped handbags are definitely not going away any time soon. I rocked my pink heart shaped handbag this January for my sister’s birthday celebration and I must say I couldn’t keep my eyes off it:

That’s my Betsey Johnson heart shaped handbag and virgin daiquiri for the night 🙂

Do you like daiquiris as well? 🙂

A heart shaped handbag is another perfect thing to wear out on Valentine’s Day.

You can click this to shop.

You can buy this here


A gift of a heart shaped key ring to put on the heart shaped handbag.

You can click the key ring to shop.


There’s not much to say about umbrella-love sayings that Rihanna hasn’t sung or isn’t obvious, but the idea of a heart shaped umbrella is almost like the definition of “umbrella of love”.

You can shop this heart shaped umbrella here.


This would make a nice heart inspired watch to wear to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

You can click it to shop:


A gift of nail polish in a heart shaped bottle to wear out on Valentine’s Day.



Finally, heart shaped lipstick to wear on Valentine’s Day.


Do you like our Valentine’s Day gift ideas?


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