Handbag Inspired Key Chain + 5 More Classy Key Chains

Key chains are useful. That’s an understatement… You patiently wind these on the zips of your handbags, purses and wallets so that you can add a bit of fun and color to the exterior. I remember seeing my friends in secondary school with backpacks laden with the extra weight of fluffy bear and other girly-cute key chains or key rings, as we use to call them.  Now that I’m a woman, who says I have to give up this obsession? Stay calm, these are mature key chains and would not make you look like a secondary school-er. Not that you might mind. 🙂 Like everything else I own, I love unique key chains. Here is a handbag shaped key chain plus 5 more irresistibly cute key chains.

It is one thing to have a key chain with a handbag shaped attachment. It’s another to have the attachment as a real, miniature designer handbag that can open at the zip. That is what makes this pink Kate Spade New York handbag key chain so irresistible.

You can buy it here.


Who doesn’t LOVE to take pictures? This camera key chain would be the perfect gift for anyone.

You can buy it here.


One of my best childhood memories is of flying a kite in the off-season cane field just above me. This classy kite key chain would also be the perfect gift for a girl at any age!

You can buy it here.


Remember our post about lip shaped accessories?  This lip shaped key chain would have fit perfectly in that post.

You can buy it here.

Source: Lulu Guinness Enamel Lips Keyring Red One Size at Amazon Women’s Clothing store:

Nothing like red lipstick to liven up an outfit. These lipstick key chains would look great attached to a cosmetic case!

You can buy the first one here and the second one here.


This last key chain is even more useful: it has a clock.

You can buy it here.

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Which key chain is your favorite and do you still collect key chains?
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  1. I love the key chains. Another great post😊 Prices are a little too hot for me but they are very fashionable. Hey you never told us which cosmetic bag you chose???????😊

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