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cute cosmetic bags

Is it too late to say?: Happy New Year guys! 🙂 I apologize for the unusual wait between posts but I was recovering and could not post as often. This is Mintosee’s first blog post of 2016!: How many of you think that carrying cosmetic bags is a must? For one, it saves the trouble of accidentally pulling out personal items (yikes!) when reaching in the handbag for something else. I’m here wondering what personal item I accidentally showed to strangers…. but clearly the item pulled out wasn’t embarrassing enough. 🙂

What’s in My Cosmetic Bag?

what is in my cosmetic bag

My cosmetic bag is a many-pocketed mint colored one from Sonia Kashuk (you can buy it here in red). I’m replacing it soon because its visage has been spotted by mildew. 🙁 I remember when searching for it two years ago, I had trouble finding one that wasn’t plain and too small. Yes, even my cosmetic bags have to be unique. I chose one with many pockets because I carry: a compact mirror, clean & clear oil absorbing sheets, lip balm, hand sanitizer (this is a link to a hand sanitizer), Oral-B floss, a travel sized air freshener ((will explain the riotously funny reason why, if you ask)(link to a cute travel sized Lysol disinfectant spray like mine)), packs of tissue, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, a travel sized deodorant, lotion in a travel sized bottle, and …maybe some other unmentionables. 🙂

Cute Cosmetic Bags

Here are some novelty cosmetic bags so cute, it would give any woman a reason to carry one.

This LUV BETSEY by Betsey Johnson Bear Cosmetic Bag: It has a perfect grip (because of its fabulously fluffy exterior, which is why toy bears are so easy to hold – they are fluffy!) which is handy for when you pull it out in a moving vehicle, and Betsey Johnson was certain to add her signature lip-on-the-zip on this fluffy bear bag!

You can shop for it here.


This Betsey Johnson Kitch Octopus Cosmetic Bag. Octopuses scare me, but I would love to have & hold this cute, pink octopus cosmetic bag!
You can shop for it here.


This Betsey Johnson Yellow Pencil Case Cosmetic Bag. What could be more unique than a pencil shaped bag?

You can shop for it here.


This Betsey Johnson Be Mine 4Ever Cosmetic Case.  I love the fat little hearts all over it.

You can shop for it here


This Betsey Johnson Striped Floral Box Shape Wristlet Cosmetic Case. I love the floral interior and it is very cheap too!
You can buy it here

This Luv Betsey Panda Dome Zippered Cosmetic Case. The highlight is the cute pink bow.

You can shop for it here.


OK, the fluffiness definitely makes this panda bag more love-able.

You can shop for it here.


This Ted Baker Aker Pencil Case Cosmetic Bag.

You can buy it here.


I just love the shape of this and the purple and gold feel very royal!

You can buy it here.

Which of these cosmetic bags do you like best and think I should choose as my next one?

What do you carry in your cosmetic bag?

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by Pet of Mintosee

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  1. I love cosmetic bags!!!!!!! I think you should choose the fluffy Bear 😊 cosmetic bag. Definitely another great post.

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